Thursday, February 9, 2012

Christian Wedding: Wedding Host: Camilla Kim-Galvez

remember Blue Gardens in Quezon City where we celebrated TJ's 7th birthday?

and where the pre nup shoot of Oyo & Kristine Sotto? (they are just some of them...)

it is owned and manage by Camilla Kim-Galvez and her hubby, Raul.
yes, i know she is familiar to you :-)

how do we met them? were on the same retreat, the very first couples retreat we attended in CCF sometime in 2005 (sorry cant find the photos)...we also on the same pastoral area in the church so we usually bump each other during another retreat and in the church service :-) ...but we really came to know them more when we had our Holy Land tour last April 2011, no choice, we are at the same bus and at the same group, there is only 4 couple in a group :-) here's some of the shots i did to them :-)

in dubai during our dessert safari...
the only person God impressed on me of whom to get as a host during my preparation of the wedding is her...later on, when i talked to Tita Sasa ( the wife of our pastoral area pastor) told me too to get her, we have the same thoughts :-) i find this couple so humble, down to earth, sweet, and loves the Lord :-) thank you Camilla & Raul for being a blessing to us :-)

Christian Wedding: Royal Flower Shoppe

the second to the last supplier that i booked...i'm exceeding our budget so i looked for a supplier who offers a not expensive flowers for me and for the entire entourage plus the principal sponsors but look elegant as well...paid 11,000 for the package :-) check their website
the truth is, i didn't know that they will making a yellow bridal bouquet, but ended up just satisfied with it :-)

Christian Wedding: Fotomoto Concept Booth

in between my preparation and acquiring for different suppliers, i saw this in a DealGrocer, a buying deal...and just paid 5,000 for a 3 hours service :-)
here's the sample they sent to me to be use during the taking of photos...
and here's some of the actual photos that i super like :-)

here's their website you can check it out :-)

Christian Wedding: Deusenberg Vintage Car

i planned to rent a vintage car thru Don Roberts but the one i wanted was already booked...been searching again and i came across this site, click it here

during our wedding...

paid 13,000 for 5 hours :-)
you can contact Eric thru 09198881856