Saturday, February 4, 2012

Readers Giveaway Contest

Let's talk about LOVE! its not that i'm in-love but more so because i wanna share my love to all my readers, here's how...

i've been blogging for 18 months and for the entire duration, i haven't given anything in return to all my blog readers, and as a way of thanking them, here's what you will gonna do...

1. like my blog page former miss ojastro

2. all the names of the people who liked will be put in a glass bowl for random selection of winners...yes i wrote it correctly, with s, meaning there will be so many chance of winning and getting the prizes :-)

3. my goal is to have a 500 followers until February 14, love day, why? because i'm challenging myself this every person who like my page is equivalent to 500 pesos...meaning if i've got 500 followers multiply it to 500 pesos, that's a total of 250,000 pesos...that amount i will give to a ministry and/or to the church as tithes for this year....don't you want to be part of giving? your name will surely counts, make it count :-)

4. hey, there's more...check the prizes too

A- 5 winner of Kuh Ledesma's Fragrance of Worship Album, you will be blessed with her personal life testimony and the songs
B- 4 winners of IMAX will depend on what's currently shown
C- 3 winners of this Life Application Bible...this is the same bible that i'm using and i guarantee you, you will love this :-)
D- 2 winners of your caricature by Jo Acierto, i so love mine :-) ...Jo i need to let you know my orders once we got our winners :-)
E- and one winner of a gift certificate for 2 in Lugang Cafe worth 2, can check in there website here
why do i'm doing this?
1. because i wanna thank my followers (as mentioned above)
2. because its Valentine's Day and love month
3. because i want to share some of the things i love and like ( all the prizes are some of it)
4. because i want to share my blessings :-)

NOTE: if you are outside the Philippines, you can transfer your winnings to other person but you cannot convert or change the prize into cash :-)

promo will end on February will be announce of the 15th :-)


  1. is this really still on-going? It says here that contest ends on Feb 14th. :/

    1. last day po today!! come one, like it now!

    2. yes, i extended it, today, feb 29 will be the last day, like the page to be included :-)