Friday, October 7, 2011

Alex Fashionista

while i was talking to my designer, she was busy checking the gown pieces too...and take note, we didnt asked her to pose, she was the one who called us and told us to take a picture of her, what a girl!

Hetti Mask

got a Hetti mask when i drive thru in Jolibee...gave it to both of them...its the only mask available so TJ have no choice but to wear it too :-)

Bonding Time With Cousin Yash

i super like it when i took a picture of someone unnoticed especially when you see them happy doing whatever it is they are doing such as this :-)

Yash is such a joker :-)...he is 5 months older than TJ but TJ is much taller than him :-)

Happy Gram

recently, TJ handed me this get a Happy Gram, you have to have gotten small happy gram in each activity-forgot how many small happy gram- receiving this is such an accomplishment for my son's deed in really is a special :-)

Trip to Virac: Sea Breeze

first night in Virac was spent with college friend - ang mga accountant ning Virac ...bonding time :-) blessed with them.