Friday, September 23, 2011

Bulgogi Brothers Date

we were in greenbelt 5 the other day to shop for some stuff when we saw this Korean Restaurant that just opened this month, so we tried...

our verdict? are so expensive, just a number of appetizer and they have a small serving...i tell you, i wont come back here anymore :-( i still love my favorite Korean Food in Pasig, mura na super masarap pa!

Annie's Pizza

one of my dear friend Sis Annie, who happens to be my dgroup sister just opened her Pizza House...and i tell you, i so love it, made with personal touch and recipe :-) try it out yourself :-)

and to the store nearby, a lady sells a puto bongbong, sarap!

Weekend Kiddie Safari

we were in Eastwood Libis for Alex school in Gymboree when we saw this...of course, TJ cant leave without trying :-)


this is the picture taken by their photographer for 100 pesos :-)