Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teddy's Birthday...TJ's version

Mr Bean has a unique way of approaching everyday problems in a rather round about way, which has made him a family favourite.

  He's a lovable character who everyone would like to help out of his sticky situations. Being a man of few words,    his humour is universally popular.

 Teddy is Mr Bean's life-long best friend.Being inanimate, he is invaluable as a trusted co-conspirator, easy to beat at chess and doubles as a good dish cloth or paint brush in an emergency.

and now...

Teddy is already part of our family because of TJ :-) Happy Birthday Teddy!

Sticker Decals

because of my desperate find of a car sticker, i try this one too, aside from the Its Personal sticker that i ordered :-)...this time, you can get the sticker after 15 minutes, wow!

my verdict...i still love the Its Personal style and design even though it took a while for us to get it...


i just had my regular visit to my dentist in SM Masinag...on its 2nd floor we saw this new food place called...

promise, i will not come back to this buffet restaurant...too expensive plus the food are not that yummy,hay! but nevertheless, i'm grateful to Han for this early date of us :-)

It's Personal

for quite sometime, i was into look out of a personalized car sticker...TJ's chinese tutor recommended this...the only flaw is that, the sticker that we ordered will be available after a week, that's too long...cant wait to see it though

located beside Forever 21 in SM Megamall