Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lego Play & Learn

if you want your kids to learn how to assemble lego, go to Toy Kingdom in Megamall, theres a place like this...and mind you, its all for free...

TJ's work...

the many moves of Alex...

The Fort Date!

pssst, who are you hiding?

For Her...
top: Freeway
pants: forever 21
belt: promod
bag: banana taipei
shoes: shoe etiquette

For His...
top: bought in Israel
pants: bought in Israel
belt: Levis
shoes: Timberland

Alex Corner

i set up a place for my kids to play and study...

TJ made a flag that says: red: war, green: end of the world, blue: peace, yellow: stop the fight and the circle at the middle is about: Pray (peach color)
he made this because that's what the world is now :-)

Dubai - City Tour - Shopping Galore in Dubai Mall

now, we are about to check and check :-) ok, we bought some to this biggest mall in Dubai...the Dubai Mall...it is just beside the Burj Khalifa :-) but before that, we have to change our dollar to dirham...and please, go to Al Fardan, this is their best exchange rate place :-)

can i buy all of it? :-)

oh how i super love journals 

shhh sharing with you some of my secrets... :-) don't ask me the price, its expensive,hay!

time to fly back to Manila, where my home is :-)