Friday, February 18, 2011

Seoul Korea - Konjiam Resort - 1st Ski

we had a great time in this resort...especially tj, who is starting to love ski, infact he missed it! 

December 28,2010

all because of God's Grace

Feb 5, 2011...we were on our way to a party in makati, we passed by at the fort and when han about to make Uturn, a motorcycle suddenly appeared on his side and bumped us instantly...God's protection saved us that God be all the glory!

Best "Suman" i tasted :-)

i tasted this best suman ever from our dgroup meeting 2 weeks ago and when i asked my dgroup leader where she bought it, she pointed the antipolo dimasalang...its actually inside the park beside the antipolo church, aling maring was the only store that sells suman with langka...text aling maring  at 09225149681 for orders :-)