Saturday, February 5, 2011

Burgoo with the Koreans :-)

after having our meeting in the office, time for lunch, so we headed to SM Marikina to have one...

four seasons for 125
burgoo stew for 145
kiwi cooler for 145
seafood jambalaya for 525 (large)
shrimps & ribs platter for 945 (large)
oklahoma baby back ribs for 895 (large)
grilled angus rib eye for 995 (large)
thats the best shot the waiter did :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lunch with Korean Friend

after the business meeting somewhere in Pasay City, we went to an Korean Restaurant with some clients...and tried Korean foods again :-)

TGIF date with friends

we've know this couple since we are just starting our marriage life...and the friendship already build and tested through times :-) ...thank you leann and jek for dropping by...

little Big Club Live in Concert

you see, our daughter Alex was so fascinated with we thought of bringing her to the live show of the purple dinosaur, and her smile cant compensate the expensive tickets we bought...:-)

we arrived early at the venue, in Aliw Theater so we took our snacks first somewhere near the place called icebergs...

photos are taken from my sony cybershot...i thought dlsr are not allowed inside, was dismayed when we saw others holding one

pesto penne for 178
crab and corn soup for 78
fresh mango iced tea for 58