Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hopscoth's Kids

imagine, my 2 and 1/2 daughter is into this?!...i hurriedly ask my sister to buy this for Alex in ATC Rustans for 650 each because she is using her yaya's...at least with Hopscoth, im not worried, its water base as well :-)
now you know whats her favorite color...purple and pink :-)

Movie Watch: Ghost Protocol

its our first time to watch in IMAX...we really waited for this movie to be shown so we can experience it in a blast :-)

Mission accomplished :-) find time to watch, its all worth it :-)

Advance Chirstmas Gift

soon after he had his Chirstmas Pasty in school, he asked us if we can give him our Christmas gift in advance...so when his Dad said yes, we went to MOA to buy it...

he was so happy when he finally got hold of his # 1 wishlist this Chirstmas :-)

Roald Dahl Book

he loves to read books, he got it from us :-)...recently, his starting to collect the writings of Roald Dahl...and just finished the Mr. Fantastic Fox...and now, currently reads is Matilda...caught him reading again while waiting for our dinner in a resto
oppss he knows that i took a picture of him...now, he pose

Baby Fashionista

passed by to this kids store and see what we've got...

and after...