Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Davao - Pasalubong & back to Manila

we leave Pearl Farm at 6:45 am to catch up to our 12 noon flight via PAL...and we had our 2 hours spare time to buy some pasalubong and other stuff in the city...what we've got are...

we spent 2,500 for out transportation, that includes the tour guide and 2 days of tour within the city and to Davao's tourist spot alike :-)

pomelo cost is 550 pesos per small box

the white package you see is a styro with tuna fishes inside (cut of course)...bought it in Citra Mina Tuna for 2,000 pesos for almost 10 kilos, combination of panga, belly and tail of tuna...super yummy

still busy with the ipad huh :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Davao - Pearl Farm Beach Resort ( Day 2 & 3)

our last stop is an island in Davao, they say, it is the best beach resort in town...hmmm...the Pearl Farm!

travel time from airport to pearl farm marina is 20 minutes (in a taxi you'll only pay 150 pesos)...from marina port to pearl farm island is 45 minutes in a boat ride...its quite long but you will not feel it because your eyes will be very busy with the beautiful scenes in the ocean :-)

we had our reservation in pearl farm office here in manila a month before we go there...for a Samal House accommodation, we paid 12,375 pesos for the three of us per day...that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and the accommodation

this is what? ube langka turon style for 120 pesos @ 4 pcs

i took this shot when i was in the parola :-)

going to the next island

dress from plain & prints