Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our neighbor...Maja Salvador

Yes, its true, one of our neighbor is Maja Salvador...this was taken infront of their house with my adopted daughter, Krish :-)

Kent Henderen...a buddy

been sorting my photo files and again, got a glanced of this person...
He used to be han's big boss in ericsson...a mentor and a dear friend to us...he now head the middle east ericsson...and he keep on inviting us to go to his country sometime soon

this was taken on his last visit in the philippines...hope to see you again Kent :-)

Manny & my Hani

saw this file from my photos and taught of sharing...
was taken during a gun show in megamall...both are gun enthusiast :-)

Manny Pacquiao with RVT

Old Me...and He too

found this stuff online...this is me when i get old?

and how about him?

wanna found out yours too?...go to