Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roti Mum - SM Megamall

everytime we passed throught their branch here in Megamall, i make sure i buy those buns that i love...

Shaky's Sta Lucia East

while we are waiting for TJ and the kids who's watching the Toy Story 3 movie, han and I ended up in Shaky's...we ordered...

overall rating?...not satisfied...chicken is so oily...i still like pizza hut over shakys :-(

Mini Shabu-Shabu (the fort)

we were on our date again, but with TJ this time, strolling along the bonifacio high street...when we got tired, we passed this restaurant, and for the first time tried their food...grrr. we are about to cook our own food infront of was yummy but since TJ was not used in eating chinese food, he ended up just eating the cob corn :-)

this is where we cook our food...super hot like steam :-)